About Our Staff

Bill and Jenny Shattuck

Bill Shattuck

The directors and founders of Whispering Cove Retreat are Bill and Jenny Shattuck. Bill earned a BA degree in Bible and Theology with the Pastorate as a minor from Columbia International University, formerly Columbia Bible College. After graduating from Bible college, he was led by God to complete two graduate programs in counseling, one from Georgia State University and the other from Psychological Studies Institute (a Biblical, integrated approach to counseling psychology). After his graduate studies, he was hired by Rapha, a ministry which provided a Christian approach to counseling in the psychiatric hospital setting, and has served as the clinical coordinator of two of their hospital units. After resigning from Rapha, Bill worked with two psychiatrists in their practices before establishing a private practice of his own. Having practiced more than twenty years in the counseling field, and having had his own personal growth journey, he brings extensive knowledge and counseling experience to the Whispering Cove program.



Jenny Shattuck

Jenny and Bill were married in 1987 and have two young adult children, Austin and Kara. A graduate of Asbury College with a degree in Christian Education, Jenny is a homemaker, who has home schooled her children for part of their elementary and secondary education. In addition, she serves on several Christian ministry and charity boards and has taken an active role in the development of Whispering Cove Retreat. She is a compassionate woman who has great insight into life issues due to her own personal struggles and healing.