Guest Testimonials

I am a seminary graduate, I have had counseling at various times in my life, I have read a number of books on psychology and Scripture but I have never come close to understanding what I now understand about life.

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I came broken, weary of the anger, of not hearing God, fighting depression, feeling constantly overwhelmed. I leave Whispering Cove refreshed, filled with peace and hope - the core of my anger was replaced with Him.

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I discovered that there were places deep within my heart that I didn't want to visit, yet I knew that freedom would only come by allowing the Holy Spirit to expose those memories and heal them.

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God truly did a deep and lasting work in the depths of our hearts. We are enjoying God, each other, and are overflowing with hope in what He has called us to do.

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It was one of the most painful times I have ever experienced and yet one of the most tender intimate times of knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus truly loves me.

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Amy and I were desperate. We were at the lowest point in our lives. We felt trapped, wondering if God had forgotten us. We wanted to run away from it all. But then God lead us to Whispering Cove Retreat which began an incredible time of healing, restoration, and rejuvenation!

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